In November 2008, Senpai Michael joined Seido Brisbane.

Senpai Michael was a student who showed the utmost respect to his fellow Karateka and to Seido philosophy. He came early to sweep the floor, with love and dedication, and he was the first to return the sweat back to the floor. But, most importantly, he would be the first to offer help to others. Senpai Michael loved his Karate and the people he trained with. He loved the training, the philosophy and the best class of the year for him was the board breaking seminar. In fact, it was the breaking seminar that he attended just this year that highlights the extent of Senpai Michael's strength and spirit. After recovering from his first stroke and regaining some strength, he managed to put his Gi back on, tie on his advanced brown belt and, in front of everyone, stood on his bad leg and kicked with his good leg, breaking that board with the spirit he held so deep. He then broke a second board with his recovered right arm. Senpai Michael was a true inspiration to all his fellow Karateka and leaves a big hole in the senior ranks of Seido Brisbane. Senpai Michael was soon to grade for his black belt but we all know that with what he faced, with the bushido spirit of a true samurai, he has already earned his own very special black belt, and the whole of Seido Brisbane will truly miss him. If we take even just a little of the kindness and the spirit that Senpai Michael had, we will all end up better people than we were before. From the students of Seido Brisbane we say, Senpai it has been an honour to train with you and your sweat on the dojo floor makes it even more of a sacred place to us. We love you and to you - Osu!

Michael Klose 12 April 1967 - 7 November 2012

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