Who teaches at Seido Brisbane?

Kyoshi Catherine Kyoshi Catherine is a 5th degree black belt who has been practising Seido karate for 30 years in New Zealand and Australia. As joint head instructor at Seido Brisbane, Catherine takes care of the day-to-day running of the club and works as a counsellor, both privately and as a primary school counsellor.   Kyoshi Glyn Kyoshi Glyn is a 5th degree black belt with 30 years experience in karate, training in Sydney and Brisbane. Glyn is a joint head instructor at Seido Brisbane and works as a real-time solutions manager for public transport smartcard ticketing.   Senpai Lea Senpai Lea is a 3rd degree black belt who has had 15 years experience training in karate. Lea also works in the hairdressing profession in which she has been operating her own business for 15 years.  Senpai Sam Senpai Sam is a 3rd degree black belt with over 10 years experience in Seido Karate. He started training in Seido Karate in New Zealand in 2001 and has trained in Melbourne and Brisbane. Sam works as an accountant in public practice.  Senpai Leonie Senpai Leonie is a 3rd degree black belt and has been training in Seido Karate for over 10 years, first in Swan Hill, Victoria, then Melbourne and now in Brisbane. Leonie works as a veterinarian.  

To speak to a head instructor, ph (07) 3855 8546 or contactus@seidobrisbane.com.au

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