What can Seido karate do for you?

Seido means 'sincere way'. Through sincere and dedicated training, Seido helps nurture confidence, self-discipline and respect within individuals by developing the mind, body and spirit (Nakamura 1995, pp.27-30).

Each of us, whether young, old, coordinated, uncoordinated, strong or weak, begins our practice from a different starting point and progresses at a different speed (Nakamura 2001, pp.17-18). Kaicho Nakamura (2001, pp.17-18) founded the World Seido Karate Organisation based on the awareness that true strength is not determined by winning and losing. Instead, we aim to become just a little stronger each day, ultimately improving our strength over time.

To find out more, ph (07) 3855 8546 or contactus@seidobrisbane.com.au.

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