Black Belt Promotion September 2019

15 students, including 5 black belt candidates, proudly represented Seido Queensland at the September black belt promotion held in Sydney. And if the pressure of doing a black belt promotion wasn't enough, the 6 black belt candidates had to perform their best karate in front of 50 black belts including Hanshi Renzie, Nidaime, Shuseki Shihan Chris and many other seniors. It was indeed an honour for the candidates and for all those who attended to have our overseas guests. We also greatly appreciate the huge show of support from around Australia. Gassho. Thank you sincerely to all who attended. Osu!

To the students who successfully promoted to a new black belt rank, thank you for your efforts, your continued dedication and for remaining focused on what needed to be done. We are all very proud of you. Of course, your achievements could not have been possible without the input of various teachers and students who helped prepare you. Keep up your good training and appreciation. Osu!

black belt promotion Sep 2019  black belt promotion Sep 2019  black belt promotion Sep 2019 
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